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A picture I took this summer. Top of Mount Rainier.
Box Canyon 115 ft. down. 04_Mt_Rainier0012x640x640.jpeg (136949 bytes) Lois, Richard and Gary.
  Deer in my front yard.   More deer eating apples.
Gary's sister, Lois and her husband Richard were here for a second day September 22, 2004. We decided to take a ride around mount Rainier

As an active volcano Mount Rainier stands as a reminder of the beauty and power of nature. The Cascade Range has been volcanically active for millions of years, thanks to its location close to the Western edge of the North American tectonic plate.  The mountain we see today is relatively young in geologic terms.  It formed about 500,000 years ago.  Like Mount St. Helens and other Cascade volcanoes, Mount Rainier has the potential to erupt again at some unknown time.  Volcanologists expect the mountain to give ample warning before entering an eruptive period, but the threat of unexpected mudflow exists throughout the park.

Roads lead through the old-growth forest and in subalpine areas.  A major road system runs from the Southwest entrance through the Southern and Eastern parts of the park, with a spur to Sunrise on the Northeast side of the mountain.  A separate road leads into Carbon River in the Northwest.  The roads were designed to make the least impact on the landscape.  They are narrow and especially in the lower elevations, trees grow close to the road.  All but 18 miles of road between the Southwest entrance and Paradise are closed in winter.  Carbon River Road is open year-round.  Mount Rainier's roads lead through spectacular mountain scenery in all seasons from the cool lushness of summer to the wonderlands of winter.

We didn't see any wildlife until we arrived home.  There are the deer eating apples under the apple tree in my front yard.  It goes to prove you don't have to take a long drive searching for wildlife.  They are in our front yard!

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