Tillicum Village

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Gary's sister Lois and her husband Richard were here to visit for a few days in September. While they were here we planned a trip to Tillicum Village.

On September 21, 2004 we started our adventure in Seattle where we departed from Pier 55 on Seattle's Central Waterfront.  It had rained all week, but today the sun was shinning and we enjoyed a beautiful boat ride to Blake Island. As we were sailing along Puget Sound, I started visiting with a lady sitting next to me.  She was from St. Louis, Mo.  She was here on business with Boeing  I later learned a majority of the folks on this tour were Boeing employees from Seattle.  They were hosing the St. Louis folks on a tour to Tillicum Village.

On the way to Blake Island we saw Sea Lions, Mount. Rainier, and a Norwegian Cruise ship docked in Seattle.

We were greeted on Blake Island with a clam appetizer.  The Islanders told us to throw the shells on the ground and stomp on them.  It was fun.  We went through the buffet line for the delicious baked Salmon dinner.  Yes, we went back for seconds.  After dinner, we were treated to the spectacular Tillicum Village stage show "DANCE ON THE WIND".<>

Tillicum village on Blake Island typifies the Northwest.  It combines the best of what this area has to offer.  It is a chance to get out on the water, see magnificent views, wildlife, and lush vegetation, fresh salmon and Indian dancing.  Tillicum Village has been sharing Northwest Traditions since 1962.  It's name "Tillicum" comes from the Chinook Jargon meaning "friendly people".  Along with an award-winning traditional baked Salmon dinner, guests are treated to a magical stage production, arts and craft demonstrations and given an opportunity to explore the island's many hiking trails and beaches.

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