Joshua and Tammy

Joshua is my Grandson. He is a web master and has a beautiful wife Tammy.  Tammy teaches piano and recently became a mother.  Their baby Yehoshua is a beautiful baby boy. Tammy's web site is  Go there for pictures of their wedding and family.

Joshua was born in Washington State.  He lived there until 2001, when he moved to Missouri to work for a web hosting company.  Joshua has had all sorts of interesting life experiences.  He was in the Air Force as a flight medic. He loves his family, Yahweh, the Bible, sports, reading, studying, talking, eating, computers, go-karts, playing games, tennis, steak, barbequing and working on his web site. Most recently he loves playing with Yehoshua.

Joshua Joshua and Tammy
Joshua Wedding Party Joshua, Tammy and baby Yehoshua

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