Welcome to my Hobby Page
I enjoy many hobbies since I retired. I like making things, keeping my hands and
my mind busy.  I hope you will enjoy the pictures that I am sharing with you.
Heavenly Dolls On this page you will find pictures of my doll classes at
HEAVENLY DOLLS. You will meet a some of the interesting
ladies taking the class. I am also sharing  a few pictures of
dolls they have made.
My Doll Collection I have been collecting dolls for years. I have an antique
doll that belonged to my Grandmother. I also have dolls I
played with as a child.
My Doll Houses I am currently working on two doll houses.  they are a work
in process.
Gardening I enjoy growing tomatoes, roses and dahlias. I have fun
taking pictures of them.
Sewing I enjoy sewing on my serger and plan to start sewing
clothes for my dolls. I certainly do not need clothes for
Latest Pictures I will post the most recent photos taken here

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