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3 cups Unscented Baby Shampoo 1 cup Glycerin
1/2 cup Water Essential Oil or Perfume
Pour all ingredients except the Essential Oil into a large container and stir gently,  Add the
Essential Oil, one drop at a time, until you have a light scent. Pour into a fancy bottle or jar.


1 cup Baking Soda 1/2 cup Olive Oil
1 cup Citric Acid Essential Oil
1/8 cup Epsom Salts Sandwich Bags, Ribbon
Mix everything in a big bowl, except the Olive Oil and Essential Oil.  Add Olive Oil and mush
everything around until it feels like dough.  Add Essential Oil, starting with 10 drops. Mush
around until evenly distributed.  Add more Essential Oil if you want a stronger smell.
Form dough into ping pong sized balls.  Let bath bombs sit out overnight and then put each
one into a sandwich bag pulled tight around the bomb and tie shut with a ribbon


2 cups Epsom Salts Liquid Food Coloring
Essential Oil or Perfume A container with a lid or a large plastic sealable bag.
Pretty Jars or Bottles  
Pour Epsom Salts into a container with a lid or a large plastic bag that seals.  Add one small
drop of food coloring and two drops of Essential Oil.  Seal tightly and shake until the color is
distributed evenly through all the salts.  Add another drop if the salts need more color and a
little more Essential Oil as needed for fragrance.  You want just a hint of color on the salts;
you don't want to turn the bath water colored.  Pour into jars or bottles with lids.

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